Commonly Asked Questions
What is the space?
Kiosk is a former convenience store (or kiosk) that has been gutted in order to repurpose the space. The space is small but flexible and has no specific function. In the past couple of years it has been used as a meeting space and a workshop for people involved with the project as well as for one off events such as film screenings, exhibitions, pop- ups and arts education. This was not a curated program of events that the group promoted, just organically organised events for various groups and indivisduals who needed a space.
The space itself is essentially a small rectangular room with a back corridor and a bathroom. The interior of the room is a little rough around the edges at this point but has plenty of potential and character. View our image gallery for an idea of the space. 

Who's involved?
The project was started by Duncan and Lee, two friends working in property and architecture. Not wanting the space to become a commercial enterprise, they got in touch with residents on Prince Edward Street in order that this could become a community driven project. Along with Lee and Duncan there are 5 residents who are involved in developing ideas of how the space is utilised.

How can you get involved?
We envisage involvement happening in two stages. initially we are looking for more people to join in developing the space and be part of the decisions of how the space is fixed up and utilised. The second part would be to open up the space for those who want to use it - for people on the street and perhaps further away too. The group is discussing use on a case by case basis because we want to support those who have a genuine need for the space; whether this is artists, builders, small businesses, community groups or anyone else. 
There are some uses of the space that can happen before its fixed up but it does depend on what it's for - get in touch to discuss specific uses!

What about COVID?
At the moment we are also having to keep to COVID restrictions so the space can't be used for people to meet in but single households can use it.